Desert Restoration Bites – Six Tales from Six Continents

This one-day conference was organised to coincide with the 3rd Management Committee meeting of COST Action ES1104. Hosted by the University of Greenwich, the conference brought together six world experts to provide first-hand accounts of the latest developments in dryland restoration:

James Reynolds (Duke University, USA) – Dryland development in the Americas
Elena Abraham (Universidad de Congreso, Argentina) – Drylands restoration and the combat of desertification in the dry Central Andes region of Argentina
Klaus Kellner (North-West University, South Africa) – Restoration of degraded arid and semi-arid rangelands in Southern Africa
María José Marqués (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) – Cover crops in vineyards and olive groves in Mediterranean semi-arid environments
Xinping Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) – Case studies and efforts to combat desertification in China
David Eldridge (University of New South Wales, Australia) – Soil disturbance by animals and the restoration of degraded semi-arid systems

The lectures were followed by brief presentations from each of the Working Group leaders. All the talks can be found on the Desert Restoration Hub YouTube Channel