2014 – February – University of Lisbon, Portugal

Research projects by staff and students presented at the COST Action ES1104 Mini-Conference on 25 February 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal:

‘Early – warning indicators of desertification: ecological interpretation of satellite images’ (Pedro Pinho, Cristina Branquinho, Alzira Ramos, Anna Vergeat, Susana Tápia) Presentation

‘Integrated use of soil physical and water isotope methods for ecohydrological characterization of desertified areas’ (Melanie Batista, Alice Nunes, Nadia Bianconi) Presentation

‘Indicators of restoration success based on plants and animals’ (Teresa Mexia, Alice Nunes, Otília Correia) Presentation

‘Plant functional diversity along a desertification gradient’ (Alice Nunes, Melanie Batista, Susana Tápia, Paula Matos, Pedro Pinho, Francesco de Bello, Otília Correia & Cristina Branquinho) Presentation

‘Seed banks: preparing seeds for ecological restoration’ (Adelaide Clemente) Presentation

‘Lichens as indicators of a desertification gradient’ (Paula Matos, P. Pinho, G. Aragon, I. Martinez, A. Nunes, A.M.V.M. Soares, C. Branquinho) Presentation

‘Quarry restoration at Secil-Outão’ (Graca Oliveira) Presentation