School Desert Gardens

The idea behind this section of the blog is to look at providing sustainable gardens for schools in desert areas. Most gardens are ‘beautiful’ if they have flowers and walkways and attract butterflies, insects and birds. but these gardens are not always sustainable and contextual. In other words the gardens can be seen as being from another area where the is perhaps more resources such as water and fertilzers. The idea then is for schools to create their own sustainable desert gardens by for example;

  • using native local plants species
  • using little or no water
  • using little or no other fertilizers and chemicals
  • gardens that can attract birds and insects and other wildlife;
  • that are productive – can provide food for people and other animals
  • that create shade or wind breaks and provide ‘micro-climate’ amelioration for people and other wildlife;
  • that use local materials, local skills and have a local context
  • that are still ‘beautiful’.